Tumblr vs Blog – xkcd got it right

People often make predictions of the future, and seldom to they look back at there predictions. This is one case were we can easily look back and see Randall’s prediction was dead on. Somewhere between 10/2012 and 11/2012, Tumblr surpassed Blog in search popularity.

The xkcd prediction of Tumblr and blog popularity

Coupon Code – The xkcd comic with the most bitly clicks.

The xkcd comic with the most bitly clicks is http://xkcd.com/837/. The comic’s stats can be found at http://bitly.com/eErkzg+. It established this distinction of most shared comic thanks to a ThinkGeek announcement in which they tweeted this comic in reference to a sale they ran during 2010. Due to this campaign it received 27,347 clicks via twitter giving it a total of 38,416 clicks to the comic.

xkcd – Coupon Code

Bitly xkcd click tracking

There are two types of bitly shares used with xkcd comics. One is by sharing the link to the xkcd page containing the comic with a Page URL such as http://xkcd.com/123, and is sharing a direct link to the image with an Image URL of the format http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/centrifugal_force.png.

Page URL: 7366
Image URL: 203580

By looking at bitly’s analytics, we can see that Image URLs appear to be much more popular; however, this is likely due to xkcd’s Page URLs being too short to require additional shortening. The average length of an image URL is 43.8 characters, while the average length of a Page URL containing a trailing slash, but not using https is 20.0. With the typical length of 20 characters a bitly URL makes little sense for xkcd comics, hence their lack of popularity.

Most shared xkcd comics

Below are the ten most shared xkcd comics as measured by bitly clicks. Enjoy!

Comic ID Title Clicks
834 Wikileaks 19002
169 Words that End in GRY 15270
627 Tech Support Cheat Sheet 7287
386 Duty Calls 5764
869 Server Attention Span 4444
723 Seismic Waves 3175
166 Misusing Slang 3141
1022 So It Has Come To This 2700
327 Exploits of a Mom 2599
481 Listen to Yourself 2552

Also available are top one hundred.

Title text length increasing

The first 100 xkcd comics had an average length of title text of 55.1. That number has risen to 137.2 for the most recent 100 comics.

Title text length averaged over previous 100 comics.

Title text length averaged over previous 100 comics.

A similar trend appeared with the length of the transcript text as well, but it has shown a sharp decline since comic 1082.

Length of transcript average over previous 100 comics.

Length of transcript average over previous 100 comics.